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Akha Daily Videos

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Akha Heritage Foundation Introduction Video - WMV video 9 meg

China Videos
Kunming and Jing Hong, Yunnan, China 2011
Yunnan Zoo m4v
Day 1 Akha Asia Jan 2011 m4v
Day 2 Akha Festival Jan2011 m4v
Day 3 Akha Mtn Fest 2011 m4v
Day 4 Akha Asia Jan 2011 m4v
Day 5 Akha Asia Jan 2011 m4v
Day 6 Akha Asia Jan 2011 m4v
Day 7 Akha Asia Jan 2011 m4v
Day 8 Akha Asia Jan 2011 m4v
Day 9 Akha Asia Jan 2011 m4v
Day 10 Akha Asia Jan 2011 m4v

The Akha Ride For Freedom Video Series
Coast to Coast across the United States for Akha Human Rights
Ride for Freedom 1
Ride for Freedom 2
Ride for Freedom 3
Ride for Freedom 4
I Kidnapped My Family
Ride 5: Fundraising in Portland
Ride 6: Water Tank Repair
Ride 7: Getting the Horses out of Jail
Ride 8: Canvassing
Ride 9: Rousting the Horses
Day 1 - Rickreal, Oregon
Day 2 - Ft. Hill, Oregon
Day 3 - Lincoln City, Oregon
Day 4 -Lincoln City Salt Water
Day 5 - Fort Hill
Day 6 - Monmouth
Day 7 - Monmouth
Day 8 - Corvalis
Day 9 - Monroe
Day 10 - Eugene
Day 11 - Eugene
Day 12 - Eugene
Day 12 - U of O PhD. Genocide
Day 13 - Eugene
Day 13 - Invitrogen
Day 13 - U of O Haugland
Day 14 - Cottage Grove
Day 15 - Sutherlin
Day 16 - Roseburg
Day 17 - Roseburg
Day 18 - Roseburg
Day 19 - Myrtle Creek
Day 20 - Myrtle Creek
Day 21 - Days Creek
Day 22 - Days Creek
Day 23 - Days Creek
Day 24 - Quine Creek
Day 25 - Grants Pass
Day 26 - Grants Pass
Day 27 - Grants Pass
Day 28 - Grants Pass
Day 29 - Grants Pass
Day 30 - Cave Junction
Day 31 - Cave Junction
Day 32 - Patrick Creek
Day 33 - Crescent City
Day 34 - Crescent City
Day 35 - Crescent City
Day 36 - Klamath
Day 37 - Orick, California
Day 38 - Arcata, California
Day 39 - Arcata - Humboldt State
Day 40 - Arcata - Humboldt State
Day 41 - Eureka
Day 42 - Fortuna
Day 43 - Scotia
Day 44 - Weott
Day 45 - Garberville
Day 46 - Garberville
Day 47 - Garberville
Day 48 - Garberville
Day 49 - Laytonville
Day 50 - Willits
Day 51 - Ukiah
Day 52 - Ukiah
Day 53 - Ukiah
Day 54 - Cloverdale
Day 55 - Geyserville
Day 56 - Windsor
Day 57 - Windsor
Day 58 - Novato
Day 59 - San Francisco
Day 60 - San Francisco
Day 61 - Half Moon Bay
Day 62 - Half Moon Bay
Day 63 - Half Moon Bay
Day 64 - Half Moon Bay
Day 65 - Half Moon Bay
Day 66 - Pescadero
Day 67 - Davenport
Day 68 - Santa Cruz
Day 69 - Moss Landing
Day 70 - Monterey
Day 71 - Monterey Aquarium
Day 72 - Monterey
Day 73 - Big Sur
Day 74 - Lucia No Good
Day 75 - San Simeon
Day 76 - Cambria
Day 77 - San Luis Obispo
Day 78 - San Luis Obispo
Day 79 - San Luis Obispo
Day 80 - Santa Maria
Day 81 - Los Olivos
Day 82 - Los Olivos
Day 83 - Los Olivos
Day 84 - Santa Barbara
Day 85 - Santa Barbara
Day 86 - Santa Barbara
Day 87 - Santa Barbara
Day 88 - Santa Barbara
Day 89 - Santa Barbara
Day 90 - Oxnard
Day 91 - Malibu
Day 92 - Brentwood
Day 93 - Hollywood
Day 94 - Brentwood Resting
Day 95 - Thai Consulate
Day 96 - El Monte
Day 97 - El Monte
Day 98 - Fontana
Day 99 - Calimesa
Day 100 - Calimesa
Day 101 - Palm Springs
Day 102 - Indio
Hell's Crossing
Day 103 - Chiriaco Summit
Day 104 - Desert Center
Day 105 - Desert Center
Day 106 - Blythe
Day 107 - Blythe
Day 108 - Blythe
Day 109 - Hitch Hiking 103
Day 110 - Quartzsite
Day 111 - Vicksburg Junction
Day 112 - A Desert Place
Day 113 - Tonopah
Day 114 - Buckeye
Day 115 - Phoenix
Day 116 - Apache Junction
(End of Hell's Crossing)
Day 117 - Apache Junction
Day 118 - Apache Junction
Day 119 - Apache Junction
Day 120 - Apache Junction
Day 121 - Independence Day
Day 122 - Desert Life
Day 123 - Bus Life
Day 124 - Akha Alphabet
Day 125 - Geneology
Day 126 - Akha Clothes
Day 127 - Spirit Woman Sings
Day 128 - Stolen Land
Day 129 - Boots and Lizards
Day 130 - Calender and Ceremonies
Day 131 - Mutiny
Day 132 - Beat the Heat
Day 133 - Florence
Day 134 - Superior
Day 135 - Globe
Day 136 - Globe
Day 137 - Radiators
Day 138 - Leave Globe
Day 139 - Salt River Canyon
Day 140 - White Mountain Apache
Day 141 - Show Low
Day 142 - Show Low
Day 143 - Gone Fishing
Day 144 - Reflections
Day 145 - Akha Salad
Day 146 - Got Freedom?
Day 147 - Buying an RV
Day 148 - Rendition and Torture
Day 149 - Akha Chili Sauce
Day 150 - YWAM Eden House
Day 151 - Marriage
Day 152 - Akha Meat Cake
Day 153 - Vernon, Arizona
Day 154 - Springerville
Day 155 - Springerville
Day 156 - Animals
Day 157 - Settlers vs. Apaches
Day 158 - Bus Electrical
Day 159 - State Line
New Mexico
Day 160 - Quemado
Day 161 - Pie Town
Day 162 - Tony Lama Boots
Day 163 - Pie Town
Day 164 - Datil
Day 165 - Magdalena
Day 166 - Desert Valley
Day 167 - Socorro
Day 168 - Socorro
Day 169 - Queen of Thailand
Day 170 - Vaccines H1N1
Day 171 - San Antonio
Day 172 - San Antonio
Day 173 - White Sands Bingham
Day 174 - Carrizozo
Day 175 - Carrizozo
Day 176 - Capitan
Day 177 - Hondo
Day 178 - Riverside
Day 179 - Roswell
Day 180 - Roswell UFO Museum
Day 181 Roswell Tony Lama
Day 182 Walmart
Day 183 John F. Kennedy
Day 184 LE Ranch
Day 185 Caprock
Day 186 Tatum
Day 187 Tatum
Day 188 Stateline
Day 189 Plains
Day 190 Brownfield
Day 191 Brownfield
Day 192 Queen and Missions
Day 193 Akha Songs
Day 194 Tahoka
Day 195 Tahoka
Day 196 Post
Day 197 Post
Day 198 Post
Day 199 Justiceburg
Day 200 Snyder
Day 201 Snyder
Day 202 Pig Hunt
Day 204 Snyder
Day 205 Roby
Day 206 Roby Jail
Day 207 Anson
Day 208 Anson
Day 209 Albany
Day 210 Hubbard Creek
Day 211 Horseshoes
Day 212 Breckenridge
Day 213 Palo Pinto
Day 214 Mineral Wells
Day 215 Hudson Oaks
Day 216 Police State USA
Day 217 Fort Worth
Day 218 Dallas George Bush
Day 219 Hitchhiking
Day 220 Bus Maintenance
Day 221 Akha Women Talk
Day 222 Drug War
Day 223 George Bush SS
Day 224 Wylie
Day 225 Greenville
Day 226 Map
Day 227 Greenville
Day 228 Point
Day 229 Sulphur Springs
Day 230 Mt. Vernon
Day 231 Mt. Pleasant
Day 232 Mt. Unpleasant
Day 233 Naples
Day 234 Maud
Day 235 Texarkana
Day 236 Texarkana
Day 237 Hope
Day 238 Emmet
Day 239 Emmet
Day 240 Rosston Holloween
Day 241 Magnolia
Day 242 Magnolia
Day 243 Eldorado
Day 244 Walmart Replay
Day 245 Being Black
Day 246 Hampton
Day 247 Horseshoes
Day 248 Warren
Day 249 Monticello
Day 250 King Pumipon
Day 382 The UN

If you want to watch more of these "Ride for Freedom" videos go to our youtube site videos continue past Day 383.
You Tube Site

Discussion with UNESCO at UNPFII about UNESCO Bangkok Working with SIL/Wycliffe
We discover that while UNESCO Bangkok and Mr. Smeets in Paris deny there is any Intangible Heritage Process for the Akha in Thailand, in FACT they are working with Wycliffe/SIL in Chiangmai. Books on the UNESCO website are basically written by SIL. David Feingold, Mr. Schaeffer, Mr. Smeets, all cover up what is going on. Missionaries destroy Akha culture by taking the children and ending the transmission of Oral literature between parents and child. In Christian villages they ban the traditions ending in the same result, even if the children are not removed.
UNESCO Works With Missionaries Who Destroy Akha Culture

Missionaries taking over the Akha children
Athu, an Akha activist at AFECT in Chiangrai, discusses what the missionaries are doing to the Akha children, destroying their culture and identity. Ethnocide if not genocide. 69 megabyte avi format.
Athu Missionary Interview

Akha Children Sing
Akha children sing traditional songs 7 meg .mov
Akha Children Sing

Akha TV Program 2
Our questions for UNESCO Bangkok as to why they are partnered with four mission organizations when they are suppose to be promoting and protecting Akha culture??? New Life Foundation, Grace Project, World Concern, SIL. 56 meg .mov
Akha TV Program 2: Our questions for UNESCO. Dec 19, 2006

Akha TV Program 1
23 meg mov file.
This is the beginning of Akha TV.
A quiet start up discussion of projects that we are working on.
Akha TV Program 1 Nov. 2006

Akha Knife Video - A special knife for making bamboo strips that are used in construction of Akha houses and for binding.
An Akha Knife for Making Bamboo Strips

We ask the Queen of Thailand to Return the Land of Hooh Yoh Akha. meg Movie Segment
In 2003 the Akha of Hooh Yoh Akha asked me to help them save their land. The Queen's Royal Project was taking the land for an enormous project. 8500 Rai of land were taken from the villages of Hooh Yoh, 4 Akha villages and one Lahu village. I began assisting the Akha and began documenting the confiscation of this land by police, army, forestry people who came to Hooh Yoh. I began placing volunteers in the village to continue to observe the events. The military who guarded the project had no concern for the results of this land confiscation for the villagers of Hooh Yoh. This is typical Thai racism, to look down on the Akha people as less human, less real people than a Thai person, than the Thai race, than the THAI nation. It is really disgusting. Four months later, I was deported from Thailand, after I received a warning from the Royal Project Office in Chiangmai, that this was going to happen. I was seperated from my family and did not see my children again for one year. I have gone to the UN at both New York and Geneva and appealed to the agencies and Special Raporteurs. The Thai Consul to the Thai Permanent Mission to the UN in New York, stated at the Permanent Forum in 2005 that the Akha people were so happy that they gave their land to the Queen. This is not true. Let us hear it from the mouth of an Akha? So now I am asking the Queen of Thailand, in this TV interview, to return the land of Hooh Yoh. She is human, made by the Creator, just like the Akha are human, made by the Creator. At the end of the day, their flesh is the same, it feels hunger and pain, if feels joy and sadness. The Queen should return the land.
I ask the Queen of Thailand to Return the Land of Hooh Yoh Akha

Pacifica Radio interview about Akha cases at the UNPFII 10meg audio file
Here an interview with Pacifica Radio. The Akha at the UNPFII. Akha cases. Editor's note, definition on the use of the word "rape".
Akha to the UN

A Gneeh Pah's Story of Woe (An Akha Spirit Woman) 28meg .mov
An Akha Spirit woman tells what has happened to her family. She tells how she was made to stop being an Akha doctor after the christians took over the village. She has lost her son and her husband to fever and now only has a blind daughter left. She lives in one of the poorest villages on the hill, typically depressed and worn out as left by the missionaries. Villagers say they are more or less forced to go to the church.
A Gneeh Pah's Story

Ah Tsah 5mg .mpg
A clever and affectionate boy. I did not see him for a year after leaving Thailand. He loves to dance as much as ever, and is often afraid that I will leave.
Ah Tsah my Son

The Black Dog Stretches 2mg .mov
We called her "Oh Nah" for black, and my kids heard me tell her to "come here" or"sit down" so they called her "Come Here Sit Down". After I left Thailand she was gored by a water buffalo. So we put a little memory of her here.
The Black Dog Stretches

Children 5mg .mpg
Akha Children, our children, from left to right Ah Tsah, Ah Soh and Meeh Daw
Our Children

Chinese Church Talk Part 1 56mg .mov
A discussion about the deceptive politics of missionizing being used by the Chinese Church in Maesai to destroy traditional Akha villages and to destroy Akha culture.
Chinese Church Talk Part 1

Chinese Church Talk Part 2 15mg .mov
Further discussions of Chinese mission activity in the village of Gow Lang
Chinese Church Talk Part 2

Construction 15mg .mov
Watch how an Akha house in the village gets built by everyone, no mortgage payment here. The best things in life have to come real cheap. Note how early Akha kids familiarize themselves with working tools and large knives.

Daughter 5 mg .mpg
My daughter, full of energy and full of trouble. Wow.

Drug Propaganda Signs 3mg .mov
While Taksin was having thousands murdered in a nation wide purge, these signs began to appear in villages. Pres. Bush needed a few hundred soldiers in Iraq, so little got said, and the DEA said it was a grand year, a successful year, no matter that the rule of law was abandoned. Extra-judicial executions were brutal and without mercy. The signs basically depict that you will be killed, and that the rich beauracratic drug dealers will still go free, people like the cops.
Drug Propaganda Posters

Hilltop Akha Village 1mg .mov
Just a short clip of an Akha village on a hill, most likely Hooh Yoh Akha village.
Hill Top Village

Hooh Yoh Akha 5.5 mg .mov
A discussion at Hooh Yoh Akha translated into English where the Akha tell how badly they are getting screwed by the nearby Queen's Royal Project which is being executed by the Royal Thai Forestry and Thai Army. This was an illegal seizure of land from indigenous peoples.
Hooh Yoh Akha speak about their land

Hooh Yoh Hillside Village 7mg .mov
This village was a village built by the army when they were scheming with Rotary Taiwan to force Hooh Mah Akha to relocate. It didn't happen fortunately, but later they moved other villagers into the mostly empty concrete houses on an incredibly steep hillside. One mud wall slid down, killing a woman and her baby, documented on our site. This video has no sound.
The hillside village at Hooh Yoh

Hooh Yoh Woman 26mg .mov
A woman at Hooh Yoh tells about a volunteer's encounter with the Thai army that patrolled the village, trying to intimidate villagers and make it easier to take their land. She is a widow and describes how hard it is to survive and now the project taking her land.
Hooh Yoh Woman

House Construction 15mg .mov
More video on Akha house construction.
Akha House Construction

Akha Hunters 1mg .mov
Akha men take off for the ridge hunting for small game animals to eat. The road they are headed up goes several kilometers up the mountain towards their old village location, before they were forced to move by the Thai army. The building of this road helped reduce the number of miscarriages that the women experienced on their way to the fields.
Akha Hunters

Insecticides 5mg .mov
A short video on the use of insecticides and flower farms where hill tribe driven off their land are forced to work. Women and men work in plastic tents while insecticide is sprayed, and birth defects are on the rise. Workers are often ill. This particular flower farm is run by the Chinese, the other hand of the Chinese busy converting the Akha. So while the Chinese missionaries from Maesai tell the Akha the land is not theirs, other Chinese conveniently take it and make the Akha more or less their slaves. Think about it next time you think how beautiful flowers in the Thai markets are. At what cost? This flower farm was build on a very large and fertile rice terrace land. Drainage from this farm is directly into the adjoining creek. But the Thai government is always talking about the AKHA contaminating watersheds.
Insecticides and the Akha

Interview About Police Chasing Old Men 8mg .mov
Several police officers figured out that they might try to extort money out of Akha men who lived in our village. They demanded 6,000 baht and then chased the men from their huts trying to collect. Men over 70 years of age would run out into the jungle.
Police Chasing Old Men

Kids 5mg .mpg
Akha kids playing games.

Kids Eating Mangos 11mg .mov
My kids eating mangos, hut life.
Kids Eating Mangos

Kids Making Faces 7mg .mov
Kids making faces.
Akha Kids Making Faces

The Lahu New Year and Tops 22mg .mov
The Lahu New Year, similar to the Akha new year. Lots of tops.
The Lahu New Year

Land Discussion at Hooh Yoh Part 1 54mg .mov
The Akha at Hooh Yoh tell about their crops, how the Royal Project took all their land, how long they lived there and the effect it was having on their lives. The Thai Government should be ashamed of itself.
Land Discussion at Hooh Yoh Part 1

Land Discussion at Hooh Yoh Part 2 9mg .mov
The Akha at Hooh Yoh continue to tell what has happened to them.
Land Discussion at Hooh Yoh Part 2

Land Discussion at Hooh Yoh Part 3 24mg .mov
After a little more whiskey, the black humor comes out.
Land Discussion at Hooh Yoh Part 3

Land Discussion at Hooh Yoh Part 4 71mg .mov
The Akha at Hooh Yoh continue to tell what has happened to them. Planting trees in your rice terraces, just rip them out! Its YOUR land.
Land Discussion at Hooh Yoh Part 4

Missionary Propaganda Signs - Those Yellow Signs 5mg .mov
Religious Fascism at its best, bastards from Texas and a few other places put up these yellow signs of various sizes all over northern Thailand. Easier than doing solid community work. The end justifies the means?
Missionary Propaganda Signs

NGO Toilet Projects 11mg .mov
A brief but blunt discussion of ngo toilet projects and thinking in impoverished communities.
NGO Toilets

The Old Ladies of Hooh Yoh Part 1 38mg .mov
Two sisters at Hooh Yoh Akha tell about life in their village.
Old Ladies at Hooh Yoh Part 1

The Old Ladies of Hooh Yoh Part 2 38mg .mov
The discussion goes on.
Old Ladies at Hooh Yoh Part 2

Old Man Gow Lang 16mg .mov
A discussion at Gow Lang about the infiltration of the village.
Old Man at Gow Lang

Akha Pig Kill 55mg .mov
For those of you who wonder where your last meat came from, well this is how it is done. With a sharp knife. Interestingly enough, this video was on our site on and it got 26,000 hits. But then it was deleted as unacceptable. You can see just about anything on but how we get our meat, where ever YOU buy it, is not safe for public consumption?
Akha Pig Kill

Sons 5mg .mpg
My sons, a couple of them.

Tamarind 3mg .mov
Tamarind, sweet and sour. From the skillful farmers at Hooh Yoh who needed their land more than they needed someone to tell them what to do with it.

Terraced Fields 4.5mg .mov
The carefully built rice terraces of the Akha.
Terraced Fields

The Truck 2mg .mov
Delivery vehicle for aid to the Akha, hundreds of thousands of kilometers, three motors, one roll over, and thousands of dollars of delivered first aid materials.
The Truck

Vaccination Interview Part 1 31mg .mov
Discussions of the dynamics by which the Thai medical people force the Akha to take the "tetanus toxoid" vaccine during pregnancy, often resulting in spontaneous abortion.
Vaccination Interview Part 1

Vaccination Interview Part 2 2mg .mov
The Akha are told they won't get an ID card for their child if they don't take the vaccination repeatedly during pregnancy against their wishes and medical rights.
Vaccination Interview Part 2

Vaccination Interview Part 3 21mg .mov
A continuation of the discussion on forced vaccination of the Akha during pregnancy.
Vaccination Interview Part 3

An Interview with an Akha Woman who lost two pregnancies 64mg .mov
An extensive Interview with an Akha woman who experienced two spontaneous abortions immediately after receiving the tetanus toxoid vaccine during two different pregnancies over two years. Both babies died at eight months of pregnancy.
An Interview - Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination and Spontaneous Abortion

Village Life 5mg .mpg
Akha Village Life
Village Life

Village Life Again 9mg .mov
More scenes of village life.
More Village Life

Michu Wurh Zurh present the Akha case for Human Rights at the UN
For two weeks in May, Michu Wurh Zurh attended training classes and the UN Permanent Forum. She presented a number of statements to the Forum as well as to numerous agencies about the adverse conditions effecting her people in SE Asia.
Michu Wurh Zurh at the UN Low Resolution Video wmv
Michu Wurh Zurh at the UN High Resolution Video wmv

Our Daily Opium This video was donated by a friend. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the position of the Akha Heritage Foundation. The video has regional information. We would note that illegal logging and rubber plantations are chief reasons for deforestation. The biggest problem encountered with opium eradication was that alternative livelihoods WERE NOT in place before it occurred.
Opium Part 1 17 meg .mov
Opium Part 2 17 meg .mov
Opium Part 3 15 meg .mov
Opium Part 4 23 meg .mov
Opium Part 5 20 meg .mov

You want me to sing WHAT? - 750 K wmv

The Akha Need Mosquito Nets 750k wmv
We've heard it a lot, all the reasons why the NGO's don't supply mosquito nets to the Akha. Here an Akha man tells that when there are no mosquito nets there is a lot of malaria, and that Akha people need mosquito nets.

Imagine all the Akha 7.7 meg wmv

De-husking the Rice 4.2 meg wmv
The Akha harvest and store their rice, occasionally bringing it out and spreading it on large bamboo mats in the sun, to keep it dry during the year. Every morning they take the amount of rice they need for the day and put it in the receptacle for this rice pounder, and knock all the husk off it, toss it in the air on a bamboo tray to clean it, and pick out any debri. The rice pounder is unique in that it removes the least amount of the rice grain. The germ is saved in the tray when cleaning, and what hits the ground is automatically eaten by a chicken which must make an egg. The harmonic and soothing sound of an Akha rice pounder, is universal to traditional Akha villages in the mountains, drifting through the fog of early morning, an enchanting sound. Mechanically milled rice looses much of its nutrition, and the chickens get nothing of course.

Lovely Akha Children 2.2 meg wmv

An Akha man and his buffalo head home 4.1 meg wmv

An Akha Song From Laos 1.6 meg wmv

"River of Life Mission and the Rock a' Billy Band" 68 meg .MOV

Can be viewed also in Quick Time. Watch the sunday performance, hilltribe in straight jackets, Philippinos come along to help, Hilltribe kids about as far away as they can get from being who they are. The amount of money that has been spent to build this facility is a reminder, of who the missionaries are really about. Themselves. Such money could have been better spent supporting hill tribe village families and human rights. (Please let us know if you have problems getting this movie to play)

"Harvest Festival" Qick Time Format 4.8 meg

"Maesai War" Quick Time Format 1.6 meg

"Rice Harvest" Quick Time Format 6.7 meg 

"Swing Festival" Quick Time Format 6 meg

Akha Forced Vaccinations - Windows Media Video 6.8 meg

Akha Forced Vaccinations and Miscarriages - Windows Media Video 4 meg

Akha Heritage Foundation Introduction - WMV video 9 meg

Hooh Yoh Land Theft - Windows Media Video 6.8 meg 

Joh Hoh Akha Village Eviction Quick Time 5.6 meg

Not Enough Water - Windows Media Video 6.5 meg

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