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About the Akha

June 30, 2011
One can hardly do justice to the Akha story with a page or two of information. The information below comes from a variety of sources and should not be viewed as the final word, but just a place to get started. The same goes for this entire website. We value comments and regularly review this information. We hope that by collecting and making available an ever growing quantity of commentary and documents about the Akha people we can increase the understanding of their unique way of life and the challenges they face.

Now of days there are many sources of information on the Akha that are growing continuously. Back in 1991 when we first got started there was no internet, no email, no mobile phones and laptop computers were just coming to the scene. Now there are many blogs, photo sites, tourist sites, pdf files, and many websites springing up run by the Akha themselves. Youtube has a growing number of Akha songs and also video about the Akha. All of this increases the awareness of the Akha story.

The Akha - (Introductory Information About The Akha)
An Overview of the Akha and situations they face
An Akha Bibliography
The Akha and Modernization - Jonathan Levy
The Akha Belief and Life System
Four Countries of the Akha Overview 2006

Ethnographic Notes On the Akhas Vol. 1 of 4
These very important ethnographic notes show how intricate Akha culture is and what the missionaries are busy, very busy, trying to destroy.
Ethnographic Notes on the Akhas Vol 1 pdf
Ethnographic Notes on the Akhas Vol 2 pdf
Ethnographic Notes on the Akhas Vol 3 pdf
Ethnographic Notes on the Akhas Vol 4 pdf

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